19 juillet 2008

Inner trip

Ça ne vous prends pas des envies parfois de tout laisser tomber et de partir en voyage ? Ci-dessous un courriel d'un ami qui a decidé de faire le saut. J'ai enlevé les noms des villes et des régions pour pas trop l'identifier.

I know I do not communicate with all of you in the same language, but I have decided on English as the lingua franca.
After a little more than a week of travelling west through China (including about 55 hours of train and 15 hours of bus overall), I am now at my departure point, ……., the last stop on the railroad in China. Of course further west and south, it is nothing but mountains, so no train.
I will maybe stay here another couple of days and really rest from moving so much, and then continue the journey, or rather start the journey on the ………. Highway (highway of course is a bit of an exaggeration). I will either take another month to get to the ………. border or maybe do it faster, that way I will have more time to wander around in the …………… valleys a little more before it gets too cold to do so.
In China proper, there was no great culture shock to speak of, I found the Chinese to be pretty similar to North Americans, just without the English. Out here in …………, things are a little different. The local …………. are very lively, really a Central Asian people
(Not sure what just happened to the font, but this is the best I can do with everything on my screen being in Chinese, sorry)Everyone is very friendly and is always asking whether or not I am muslim, what with the kufi and the beard of course. Thank God I am no longer vegetarian, because the diet consists exclusively of lamb here (I go to the market to buy fruit and dairy stuff, despite the laughter it brings out in the local men, who've tried to explain to the other travellers that men eat meat.)
Either way, I'll keep this short, do not want to set any expectations here.
Not sure whether or not I will get another chance to write until I get to 
………………, which might be in over 6 weeks (several areas I will cover do not have electricity yet, so...)
There are photos already, but I have been too lazy to download them onto a PC from the camera, hence none to share right now.
I love you all

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