23 février 2009

Yes they did!

When was the last time an American president’s speech was used in an electronic music track? I have been listening for quite a time to electronic music and quite frankly this is the first time I have found a track using lyrics in such graceful manner. The Neocons are used to portray and make fun of Obama as the Messiah; obviously they weren’t so wrong about it.
If he can be such an inspiration for electronic music producers (Think about the song produced by the guy from Black Eyes Peas), it is a significant change from what we were used from the previous occupant of the White house.
This being said, Obama should change the way he governs: Trying to include the Republicans and be the nice guy all the time doesn’t really fit the idea of what the Americans think a leader should be.

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Anonyme a dit...

The little one listens to Yes We Can almost all the time :-) this is a nice version too.